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UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer2009 days ago
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On behalf of the Administration Team, I have some exciting news! We now have a planned date for the server launch and have a plan on for the event in general! 


When: July 15th, 2020 @ 7 pm CDT

How: Twitch Live Stream

What's Included: Commentary from the Owner and possibly other staff members, Server Tour, and Giveaways!


Staff Members have been invited to become commentators! We still ask everyone to share the server around! Share our Discord and Forums, tell them what's happening! We hope for a successful launch but we need your help to make it happen! Thanks, everyone for sticking around and we hope you can be apart o...

UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer20016 days ago
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We have recently closed our beta testing for our server and have opened our Forums and Discord to the public. Please be aware, the server IS NOT released yet, but feel free to register on our website, and join our Discord server by clicking on the discord button at the top of the page! The date for the server public release is still undecided, but will be announced soon! For now, hang tight, and our in-game platform will open to everyone soon!

UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer200about 1 month ago
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Welcome to the server's website! We hope you enjoy!