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UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer2006 days ago
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1.16 Update
UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer20018 days ago
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Hello, everyone!

After successful testing, our server now has public access on 1.16.1! As a note to inform, 1.15.2 will no longer work when you try to join, so please make sure you are using the new version when trying to join! This update does offer new server changes, with two major updates.


1.) YT Rank System

Due to API issues with the plugin that handles the automated YT rank system, we have to remove the plugin as those issues interfere with getting the YT rank through that system. In order to get the YT rank, you must now register on our website...

UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer20022 days ago
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Today, we release changes with boss spawning and some new additions to the warzone.


1.) There's now a second time in the day bosses may spawn!

To make bosses more available for some of our international players, we have added an extra boss spawn time that happens about twelve hours after the first spawn times (1-2 pm EDT). For example, Easy bosses now spawn at 1 pm Eastern and 1:30 am Eastern every day (server reboots every day at 1 am E...

We are Launched!
UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer20027 days ago
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As of July 15th, 2020, we are fully launched to the public! Please use the below info when connecting to the server:


IP: play.ascensionmc.pro

Version: 1.15.2


For any questions, notify me or another staff member. And please share this server with your friends if you can. By doing this, you are helping get the server more populated, and more people others can play with. Hope all is well!

UltimateGamer200 UltimateGamer200about 1 month ago
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We are just five days away from launching our server to the public! It still looks like we are able to stream the live opening on Twitch on July 15th. If anything changes, you'll be notified via here, and the Discord, so check back here during these next few days, for any updates. We now have a good plan on what the stream will consist of...


The stream is not only anticipating commentary throughout the stream but may also consist of giveaways on the Discord, a tour of the server, and gameplay! Meanwhile, you may see the twitch channel that the stream will be hosted on here!


Moving forward onto the progress...