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Official Rules (Server & Forums)
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Server Rules:
This page will explain more in detail about our in-game server rules. If there is an issue with our rules, be sure to DM a staff on our Discord or Forums. These can get changed with or without notice, so be sure to check back on this for any changes!

[1] Be respectful to all members and staff.


Everyone deserves the same amount of respect as you do. As some say, treat everyone the same way you want to be treated. This can lead to a /warn.



[2] Swearing is allowed, but don’t use it in a negative way, or excessively.

Swearing is allowed but if it's used negatively (For example swearing at someone, using it to offend them, etc) you may receive a /warn. Racism, sexism, or homophobia are also not allowed as apart of Rule #1, and can result in a /tempmute.


[3] Follow instructions set by staff.


Staff members aren't here to boss you around. If they do, report it to our Staff Manager, OhSnapItsEggo. If a staff member tells you to stop spamming in chat, then stop. They don't want to warn, mute, or even ban you, but they will if they need to. Not obeying staff can lead to a /warn.


[4] No spamming or chat-flooding.


Spamming is repeating the same thing over, and over, and over again. Spamming is pretty annoying to all of us and we greatly appreciate it if you don't do it. This can lead to a /warn.


[5] No drama into global chats.


AscensionMC is not a place for drama and arguments. This includes bringing up topics such as religion, politics, and other topics that can result in an argument. If you want to bring drama, please take it somewhere else. This can also lead to a /warn, then a /tempmute or /mute if continued.


[6] No minimodding.


We don't need another player to do our job for us. The only ones that are allowed to minimod, besides staff, are people in Approved MiniMod rank. If you want to be apart of this group, DM me or Egg (Staff Manager). This can lead to a /warn.


[7] No suicide, or violence talk.


This goes back to Rule #5. Don't go in global chats telling others you plan to suicide or go do violent things to others in-real-life. Even though this server is considered KitPvP/RPG, and fighting is involved, we ask to keep that violence to a limit. This can also lead to a /tempmute. If you are thinking about committing suicide in real life, and need to talk to someone about it, notify a server staff, and we'll try to give the help you need.


[8] No Encouraging rule-breaking of any kind.


Don't pressure other players to break the rules because that's not cool. Examples of this can be "Everyone spam 123 in chat," or "Who agrees this server is a dump?" If you don't like our rules, then walk out the door, and go to another server. This can also lead to a /warn.


[9] Do not give out personal information except for your first name only, your age or country/state/province.


Doxing (sharing other people's personal information without permission) also falls into this rule too! Chat can be cleared and a tempmute will be issued. Don’t also give personal info, just to protect yourself! This is the internet, where people can impersonate as anyone, and trick people into giving personal info, so they can do things in your name.


[10] No self-promotion (eg. Minecraft Server/Realm advertisement, YouTube channel/video advertisement, Twitch streams, etc).


However, if you want to partner with us, DM a Manager+, and we may work out an offer. Partnered Minecraft servers are allowed to be promoted by anyone, including the owner of that server. Self-promotion can lead to a /tempmute.


[11] No inappropriate usernames or skins.


While we allow swearing, we still wish for usernames and skins to remain appropriate. You will be banned until your user and/or skin are changed and your appeal is accepted.


[12] No ban bypassing. This includes bypassing a permanent mute.


Using an alt account or other methods to bypass your permanent mute or permanent/temporary ban is not tolerated and more severe punishments will be given such as your IP getting permanently banned. Bypassing temporarily mutes can give a 7-day IP ban.


[13] Hacked clients or illegal modifications are prohibited. No exceptions.


Mods that are allowed are things such as Shaders, Optifine, etc. The use of any unauthorized clients or mods is bannable. Period.


[14] Exploit abuse is not allowed.

If you see an exploit, report it. Don't use it to your full advantage. You'll be banned depending on the exploit you abused.


[15] NSFW/Sexual references are prohibited.

NSFW means Not Safe For Work, or not safe for those under the age of 18, so to protect those underage, and people who don’t want to see it, we disallow it. Sexual references are disallowed as this can fall into NSFW in some categories. These actions may result in a /tempmute.


[16] Use common sense.


Every rule won't be documented. If you're unsure what you'll do is or isn't against the rules, don't do it or ask a staff member. You will be punished for a rule you break, even if it's not documented here!


Warning System:

Warnings are purged after 30 days of the warning being issued. Mutes and bans stay on a player record permanently. This applies on the MC side of the server.

1st Warning: Warning. Don't break the rules again!

2nd Warning: 10 minute mute.

3rd Warning: 30 minute mute.

4th Warning: 1 hour mute.

5th Warning: 1 day mute.

6th Warning: 7 day mute.

7th Warning: Permanent Mute.

Forums Rules:

  • Do not double post, edit your first post instead.
  • Do not necro-post, post on a thread that has not had anyone respond to in over 1 month. Suggestions and Game categories are exempt from this rule.
  • All Server rules that can be applied to the forums count as rules too.

Last Updated: August 26th, 2020

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