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Official August 6th, 2020 Update
Started by UltimateGamer200

Hello, everyone!

Today, we announce some new additions to the server that we hope you enjoy!


Prestige System:

Before, you weren't able to change your class at all, but now there's a way! Once you reach Level 50, the highest level possible, you can prestige which will reset your souls, kit tier, level, and class. After you prestige, you'll be told to enter a command to change your class. You can choose the same class, or even change it to be a new one. The choice is yours!


Lobby Games:

We've also added some lobby games as another thing to do on the server! You can complete a quiz, maze, play in a shooting range, or even play King of the Ladder! All of these games are designed to be self-hosted, meaning you can host these games yourself. You can also get souls from the shooting range! We are keeping the number of games limited at the moment due to space, but we may offer more in the future!


Possible Rule Changes:

This is something to keep a lookout for! Myself, Egg, and a few other staff members may be at work at revising the rules to better fit the community, and be even less strict on you guys! Expect more info to be shared soon!


That's it for now! Staff Applications are still open, so if you want to be staff, refer to the Trainee Information thread, and apply at https://ascensionmc.pro/apply! As always, stay safe and healthy during these unpredictable times!

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