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August 15th, 2020 Update
Started by UltimateGamer200

Hello, everyone!

We're back with another update today!


Mob Arenas Changed:

The plugin we use for the mini mob arenas in the class bases and warzone isn't fully compatible with our server version, and yesterday, I noticed it cause some issues while myself and 5-7 other players were on the server. With that said, I've unfortunately temporarily got rid of that system, which also removed the shooting range on the main map. Don't worry, I plan on adding the mob arenas back when the plugin does offer support for our server version. The shooting range is also replaced with a new lobby game, which may be a long-term replacement as only a few people use it. 


New Lobby Game:

To replace the shooting range, we've now added parkour to the lobby games area, which everyone has access to! This one is shorter than the ones on your class base, and of course, like the ones on your class base, this one gives souls and the Parkour Master tag.


However, the Parkour Master tag is now renamed to Parkour Champion, so it's more accurate on how to earn it. If you had the tag selected when you were last logged on, you need to reselect it with /tags!


Our First Partner:

As some of you noticed, we made our first partner, just about 2 weeks ago. We've been partnered with another Minecraft server named, Celsius Network! This is a network that features Creative, Factions, Prisons, and more! We ask that you help give support to them by checking them out with the following info below!


IP: celsiusnetwork.xyz

Version: 1.16.1 (might be compatible with lower versions, but unsure)

Discord:  https://discord.gg/N2ZD6XN


This server may also be allowed to advertise on our server platforms, including the discord! If you want to partner with us, please DM a Manager or above, and we may discuss your request!


That's it for now! Expect more to come for the server here soon! As always, stay safe, remember to social distance, and wear a mask while in public!

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