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Official 1.8+ Update
Started by UltimateGamer200

This update mainly brings back multi-version support for the server! This change is the first of some things we may do to improve the server so more people can join the server, and enjoy playing on it!


With that said, tonight, we've brought back support for Minecraft versions 1.8 - 1.15 (server can still be accessible on 1.16.1). During the development of the server, we were going to support 1.8 and later versions, however, one staff member noticed some glitches with 1.8, so we removed that feature. However, we realize that not everyone believes we have a special plugin that blocks the 1.9 combat system Minecraft provides, which is why we did this change.


The plugin we do use to block the 1.9 combat system is still on the server for those who choose to still play on the server with 1.9 or later versions, so that way it's a fair game for everyone, and players can still play with the newer versions of Minecraft!


The lowest version we'll provide support for is 1.8. We do not plan to go below 1.8, as the 1.7 versions have proven to be old and outdated, and systems may begin to break as we go lower than 1.8. 


As always, if there are bugs found, please alert a staff member, but the server has shown to be pretty stable with 1.8, and even higher versions.


1.16.2 Progress:

I've been keeping track of which plugins have updated to 1.16.2, however, we can't fully begin testing for 1.16.2 until PaperMC releases a stable version for 1.16.2. So please be patient as we wait for Paper to do what they need to do to provide 1.16.2 support!


Staff Applications Closed:

As of August 19th, 2020, staff applications are closed, and we are no longer looking for staff. We have no estimation of when applications will be reopened, but they will be reopened when we see the need for more staff again.


That's it for now! There may be more server changes as we approach the month of September, so stay tuned! And as always, stay safe out in public, as we continue during these hard times.

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