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Official August 26th, 2020 Update
Started by UltimateGamer200

Today, we bring some rule changes on our server, with one of them being a major rule change, which is what will cover most of this thread.


Major Rule Change:

This change has been thought on for at least a couple of weeks, and we've decided to implement this in for all Ascension platforms after feedback from the majority of our staff team and our partner.


With that said, we, the Management team, decided to officially allow swearing on all platforms of Ascension, to hopefully have more players join the server, and to be less strict on our playerbase. We believe this may also be the best since we are considered PvP.


Now, there are still some limits to this change because one of our core values is respecting others like how you want to be treated. With that in mind, you may use swearing, but you may not swear excessively, and you also may only positively use swearing (eg. not directing swearing to someone else). Some examples of excessive swearing can be using 4+ swear words in the same sentence, or repeating the same swear word, over, and over again.


Some swear words that tend to be used negatively are still blocked from being sent in chat to reduce abuse of this new rule change. We've also still blocked any sexual/body part words to reduce sexual/NFSW references being brought to the server and we are still enforcing the rule of inappropriate usernames and skins.


Overall, the main point, we are now fine with swearing, but it's still disallowed if swearing or discussion of certain topics is used to purposely harass or upset someone, or if it's used excessively.


Due to this, we are also strictly enforcing our 13+ age rule on our Discord server, starting 24 hours from this thread being posted. That means if you are under 13, and are in our discord server, you must leave the discord within the next 24 hours from this thread being posted, or risk being banned from the discord.


Updated rule info is on our official page of rules here.


Other Minor Rule Changes:

All rules have been reviewed, and they are now more clear on what happens if you break them.


That is it for now. As always, stay safe, and wear a mask!

AscensionMC CEO/Founder

5 months ago