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Official MAJOR Server Announcement
Started by UltimateGamer200

We have a major update to announce that majority of the staff team have voiced on, and we believe is the best to do. AscensionMC will now be merging with a network called Celestial Skies (a Skyblock RPG server). This means we'll be taking part in their server, and the owner, ReallyCryptic, will help put us back on the map with a new improved version of the server. We believe this is the best decision for the server and we do look forward to working with him and his team.


In terms of those who do have a donor rank (Classy, Savior, or Champion), something may be worked out with you, so you may still receive donor benefits.


I understand this is a major change for us all, but I assure you that this will be for the best for all of us. You may notice major changes along the way with the merge, but just know, I'll still remain the owner of Ascension, and we are doing things to help put our server back on track, so that way it's more appealing and fun for players.


More information will be given about Celestial soon, but just know for now we are becoming apart of their network, and we'll be revamping things to better suit the community. We are optimistic about the merge, and we again look forward to working with them as we revamp Ascension. Thanks, everyone who supported us, and more info will be given soon!

AscensionMC CEO/Founder

5 months ago