Welcome to the AscensionMC, a KitPvP/RPG server dedicated to ensuring that people of all ages can safely engage with what we have to offer.

This guide will explain the main features we have to offer. It can get overwhelming joining a server for the first time, but I and the rest of the staff team are here to help ensure great gameplay. Use this as a tool to learn or help others learn what we have they don't know, or are struggling with.

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Reporting a Player:

We have two ways you can report a player.

First Way: If you want to report someone in-game, use the command /report (username) (the reason for reporting)

Second Way: If you want to report someone on the website, you'll need to fill out the Report Form by going to Image/video proof is also required.

Class System:

This is one of the most essential features we have on the server. Class is like an identifier, and depending on your class, you may have a special ability that you can use when you have your class kit (explained more in Kit System). Below, show what each ability a class has.

Angel Ability
Bandit Ability
Mage Ability
Warrior Ability

You also have access to your class's private base, where it has its own chat, mob arenas, and a parkour course, where you can get a special tag for completing. You can do the parkour at any time if you want to improve your time or beat someone on the leaderboard.


Soul System:

Souls are the custom currency on the server. You can get souls by killing other players on opposing classes, from crates, and from killing a boss. You may also get souls as a prize from server events. You can use these souls primarily to level-up and purchase crate keys.

You can see your soul balance on the scoreboard, or by using the command, /as sb (username) (you can also search other user's soul balances by using this command or by hovering on their username in chat).



Leveling System:

Levels allow you to move up in the game, with some levels allowing kit upgrades. The highest level you can have is Level 50. To level-up, simply use the command, /levelup! To see your progress in leveling up, use the command, /lep! Below, if you're curious, you can find a list of the level-ups available, what some of them include, and how much each one costs.

Level Ups List


Kit System:

We offer kits for each class, with each class kit having a special class ability. New players begin with the default kit and after leveling up to certain levels, you unlock kit upgrades that can give you more OP gear, depending on the upgrade unlocked.

To select a kit, you can go to the Kit Selector NPC in /spawn, and right-click him. You can also visit the Kit Selector NPC in your class base, or use the command, /kitsel to open the kit selection GUI menu.


Boss System:

You can also fight bosses having special abilities they can use on their fighters. They spawn in random places on the map with difficulties of easy, medium, or hard. New players won't stand a chance with the hard bosses.

As explained above, you can kill these bosses for a soul reward that ranges from 250 to 30,000 souls depending on the boss. To see more information about the boss system, you can use the command, /bossinfo, in-game, or click here!



The scoreboard contains useful information, such as:

  • The rank you have
  • Your Class
  • Your Soul Balance
  • The Vote Party Progress
  • and more!

The scoreboard changes every 5 seconds. You can also toggle the scoreboard, on or off, by using the command, /sb toggle.



To vote on the server, do /vote.

When using a command, it brings up voting links in the chat. You may click on different voting links to change to a different voting page. 

What do I get for voting?

  • You'll be given 100 souls per vote on each link.
  • You get 1 Vote Crate Key per vote on each link.
We feature cosmetics such as balloons, music, miniatures, particle effects, and more! There are some cosmetics that can be accessed by everyone, however, some can only be given either if you are a donator-ranked user, have YT rank, or win some in a cosmetic treasure chest.
  • You can access the Cosmetic Menu via /cosmetics in-game!
  • You can also access the cosmetic treasure chests at /warp treasurechests in-game!
  • You can also convert some of your souls to coins using the Coin Converter NPC at /spawn!
If there is a coin price for the cosmetic, then that means everyone can purchase the cosmetic. If there is no price, then that means only certain ranked users can access it (unless you win it in a treasure chest). Feel free to look at /cosmetics to see all that's possible!

Last Updated on July 28th, 2020