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07/01/2020 - Added Changelog to Discord and Forums.
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This is where we will log all updates to server forums and discord. Format is mm/dd/yyyy.
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More application info.If your application is denied, you must wait one month (28-31 days) before you are allowed to apply again. Please include on the last question how many times you have applied and been denied.If you were previously staff on AscensionMC and were demoted, resigned, or left the staff team in any way. You must wait 3 months before applying to re-join the team.We reserve the right to promote anyone who was previously on the staff team to there original rank, or to put them to trainee.
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Thats a very cool Introductiom mouse
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Welcome to this short page of tips for those considering applying for trainee!1. Be active!I Honestly cannot stress this enough, we are looking for staff willing to put in those extra hours. This is the best way to up your chances!2. Have a very clean moderation record.Being able to show you have no mutes/bans from our server or ANY server in general is another major contributing factor. You're not likely to get accepted if you were temp-banned for half a year.3. Being an AMM.While this isn't required, it does help because we already know you are somewhat capable of some minor moderation.4. Being active on ALL ascension platforms rather then just the server.We still need mods for the discord and forum as well :).5. Being very descriptive!Don't give one sentance answers on questions like "Why should we promote you to trainee?" This list is subject to have more added to it in the future, keep an eye out!Last updated: 06/27/2020
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