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Thank you for taking the time to suggest something, please make sure that your suggestion isn't one of the following as they are either commonly suggested or we have no intention to implement them. Multi-version Support: We were originally going to support 1.8 versions due to some players not believing we offer 1.8 PVP for all versions we support on the server (even 1.9+). However, during development, we noticed quite some glitches with 1.8 on the server, which can affect gameplay performance. Overall, multi-version support will probably not come back to the server, anytime soon due to the number of glitches it offers. We will still offer 1.8 PVP to the server for the latest version of Minecraft due to the popular demand of the Minecraft community, but we have no intention of supporting a glitchy, and old version of Minecraft. 
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Hello, welcome to the Help section of the forum.Please take into consideration that we are serious about this. If you ask things such as "What should I have for dinner tonight?" Your thread will be instantly closed and there may or may not be moderation action from an admin/manager.You can submit a question HERE
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You may not appeal for other people, please direct them to our website and if they are unable to contact us via forums direct them to Eggo#9800 
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