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I'm 16 years of age and the Owner and Founder of AscensionMC! On behalf of myself, and the staff team, we hope you enjoy your stay on the server!
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We have a major update to announce that majority of the staff team have voiced on, and we believe is the best to do. AscensionMC will now be merging with a network called Celestial Skies (a Skyblock RPG server). This means we'll be taking part in their server, and the owner, ReallyCryptic, will help put us back on the map with a new improved version of the server. We believe this is the best decision for the server and we do look forward to working with him and his team.   In terms of those who do have a donor rank (Classy, Savior, or Champion), something may be worked out with you, so you may still receive donor benefits.   I understand this is a major change for us all, but I assure you that this will be for the best for all of us. You may notice major changes along the way with the merge, but just know, I'll still remain the owner of Ascension, and we are doing things to help put our server back on track, so that way it's more appealing and fun for players.   More information will be given about Celestial soon, but just know for now we are becoming apart of their network, and we'll be revamping things to better suit the community. We are optimistic about the merge, and we again look forward to working with them as we revamp Ascension. Thanks, everyone who supported us, and more info will be given soon!
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Uno reverse card.
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Today, we bring some rule changes on our server, with one of them being a major rule change, which is what will cover most of this thread.   Major Rule Change: This change has been thought on for at least a couple of weeks, and we've decided to implement this in for all Ascension platforms after feedback from the majority of our staff team and our partner.   With that said, we, the Management team, decided to officially allow swearing on all platforms of Ascension, to hopefully have more players join the server, and to be less strict on our playerbase. We believe this may also be the best since we are considered PvP.   Now, there are still some limits to this change because one of our core values is respecting others like how you want to be treated. With that in mind, you may use swearing, but you may not swear excessively, and you also may only positively use swearing (eg. not directing swearing to someone else). Some examples of excessive swearing can be using 4+ swear words in the same sentence, or repeating the same swear word, over, and over again.   Some swear words that tend to be used negatively are still blocked from being sent in chat to reduce abuse of this new rule change. We've also still blocked any sexual/body part words to reduce sexual/NFSW references being brought to the server and we are still enforcing the rule of inappropriate usernames and skins.   Overall, the main point, we are now fine with swearing, but it's still disallowed if swearing or discussion of certain topics is used to purposely harass or upset someone, or if it's used excessively.   Due to this, we are also strictly enforcing our 13+ age rule on our Discord server, starting 24 hours from this thread being posted. That means if you are under 13, and are in our discord server, you must leave the discord within the next 24 hours from this thread being posted, or risk being banned from the discord.   Updated rule info is on our official page of rules here.   Other Minor Rule Changes: All rules have been reviewed, and they are now more clear on what happens if you break them.   That is it for now. As always, stay safe, and wear a mask!
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This update mainly brings back multi-version support for the server! This change is the first of some things we may do to improve the server so more people can join the server, and enjoy playing on it!   With that said, tonight, we've brought back support for Minecraft versions 1.8 - 1.15 (server can still be accessible on 1.16.1). During the development of the server, we were going to support 1.8 and later versions, however, one staff member noticed some glitches with 1.8, so we removed that feature. However, we realize that not everyone believes we have a special plugin that blocks the 1.9 combat system Minecraft provides, which is why we did this change.   The plugin we do use to block the 1.9 combat system is still on the server for those who choose to still play on the server with 1.9 or later versions, so that way it's a fair game for everyone, and players can still play with the newer versions of Minecraft!   The lowest version we'll provide support for is 1.8. We do not plan to go below 1.8, as the 1.7 versions have proven to be old and outdated, and systems may begin to break as we go lower than 1.8.    As always, if there are bugs found, please alert a staff member, but the server has shown to be pretty stable with 1.8, and even higher versions.   1.16.2 Progress: I've been keeping track of which plugins have updated to 1.16.2, however, we can't fully begin testing for 1.16.2 until PaperMC releases a stable version for 1.16.2. So please be patient as we wait for Paper to do what they need to do to provide 1.16.2 support!   Staff Applications Closed: As of August 19th, 2020, staff applications are closed, and we are no longer looking for staff. We have no estimation of when applications will be reopened, but they will be reopened when we see the need for more staff again.   That's it for now! There may be more server changes as we approach the month of September, so stay tuned! And as always, stay safe out in public, as we continue during these hard times.
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