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4 months ago
Server Rules & General Punishments

This thread gives more in-depth information about our rules in-game and our punishments such as the warning system.


Warning System:

Warnings expire 30 days after they have been issued.

First Warning: No mute. Don't break the rules again.

Second Warning: 5 minute mute.

Third Warning: 10 minute mute.

Fourth Warning: 30 minute mute.

Fifth Warning: 60 minute mute.

Sixth Warning: 1 day mute.

Seventh Warning: 7 day mute.

Eighth Warning: Permanent Mute.


Warning Offenses:

These offenses follow the warning system. The consequence of the offense depends on the number of warnings a user has.

1.) Be respectful to all members and staff.

Simply be respectful to everyone. Treat everyone like how you want to be treated. It's as simple as that! This rule also falls into bullying.

2.) No swearing or bypassing the chat filter.

We are child-friendly so chat must be kept appropriate to all ages. Bypassing the chat filter means trying to get around saying blocked words blocked by the server. This rule also goes under Toxicity.

3.) Follow instructions set by staff.

If a staff member tells you to stop spamming, then stop spamming. If a staff member tells you to keep it child-friendly, then you keep it child-friendly. If a staff member tells you to do something ridiculous (eg. buy them a rank, break rules, etc), then you don't need to do so.

4.) No spamming or chat-flooding.

Spamming is saying the same thing over and over again in chat. This applies to all forms of message flooding.

5.) No drama into global chats.

AscensionMC is no place for drama. Bring any real-life drama here, you may be warned or muted depending on the severity of the drama. We ain't Keemstar so take your drama elsewhere.

6.) No backseat moderating.

Backseat moderating is enforcing the server rules verbally. We have staff members for a reason. Let our mods do their job.

7.) Religion and Politics are not allowed to be talked about on here.

Please keep any religion and politic talk outside the server. Discussion about any of those things may result in arguments to be caused. You may be verbally warned the first time, then a /warn if continued.

8.) Do not give out personal information except for your first name only, your age or country/state/province.

Please keep any private detail to yourself or those you trust. This is an online safety rule to always consider. This rule also applies to those who expose someone else's personal information without their consent. Users will be given a warning for this offense.


Mute Offenses:

These offenses will result in a mute instead of a /warn.

1.) No racism, sexism, discrimination, or homophobia.

Any racism, sexism, discrimination, or homophobia can carry a one week mute.

2.) No self-promotion (eg. Minecraft Server/Realm advertisement, YouTube channel/video advertisement, Twitch streams, etc).

Advertising your Minecraft server/realm, youtube channel/videos, twitch streams, etc, is not allowed. If you have the Youtube rank, you have permission to advertise ONLY your channel name! Mentioning server names will result in a verbal warning. If continued, then a permanent mute may be issued. Any other advertisement may result in an immediate mute or ban.


Ban Offenses:

These offenses will result in a ban.

1.) No inappropriate usernames or skins.

Depending on the skin and/or username, the user may be permanently banned for having an inappropriate skin or username. If you're unsure what's inappropriate and what's not, ask a staff member.

2.) No ban bypassing. This includes bypassing mutes and warns.

If you are caught trying to bypass your ban, you'll be IP-banned. If you are caught trying to bypass your warning, you'll be muted. Trying to bypass your mute will result in a longer mute.

3.) Hacked clients or illegal modifications are prohibited. No exceptions.

Any hacks are not allowed. Period. No-fly, knockback, kill-aura, none of that! Depending on the hacks, you may be permanently banned.

4.) Exploit abuse is not allowed.

This means if you know or find out about an exploit that's on the server and use it, you will be issued a temp or perm ban depending on the exploit. This also goes for sharing exploits to other players too. If you see an exploit, report it to a staff member! Don't take advantage of it!


Extra Rule:

Please use common sense. Not every rule is documented. If you don't know what you're doing is wrong or not, don't do it or ask a staff member.

4 months ago
Discord & Forums Rules

Discord Rules:

This section gives a little more in-depth of the discord rules.

1.) Obey Staff.

Follow a staff member's instructions. If they tell you to stop spamming, then stop. If they tell you to be respectful, then be respectful! This is simple to follow! However, if they ask you to do something ridiculous (eg. buy a rank for them, break rules, etc), then you don't need to do so.

2.) No staff impersonating.

Please don't impersonate a staff member. You can tell someone's a staff if he/she has the role of Trial-Mod or higher.

3.) Don't scream or yell in voice channels.

We want to hear in the real world! Don't scream or yell so loud that it hurts our eardrums. We could go deaf if this happens. You'll be moved out of the channel and/or banned from the voice channel.

4.) No swearing/profanity.

We're child-friendly here. Don't swear in the voice and text channels. Kids are here so we need to be appropriate for all ages.

5.) No excessive channel hopping.

Please don't channel hop constantly. This means moving channels constantly. It can annoy everyone.

6.) All other chat-related rules apply.



Forum Rules:

This section gives some info on our forum rules. Our terms and conditions also apply to this.

1.) All chat-related rules apply.

This includes but not limited to, no swearing, server/web advertising, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

2.) Don't necropost.

Necroposting a topic is when you reply to a topic that does not need any more attention. It's inactive. Threads become inactive after one week the last response was made (this does not apply to important threads).

3.) Don't impersonate staff members.

Please don't impersonate a staff member. You can tell someone's a staff if he/she has the role of Trial-Mod or higher bellow their username.

4.) Post threads in the right section!

If you have a question about the server or are creating a topic that mentions the server, it probably goes in the "server discussion" section. Forum Games is the section for any forum-based games. And so on! If you don't know where a topic is supposed to go, ask a staff member.

5.) Be relevant to the topic started.

Don't try to "hijack" a thread by creating a separate discussion within the topic. Stick with the topic!

6.) Post threads in the right section!

Abusing the rating system includes going on a "rating spree", or specifically targeting a user with ratings. You may be banned for doing so.



4 months ago
Trial-Mod Information

In this thread, you will be given an overall summary of the rank, requirements, explanation of the requirements, bonus points, and any other information needed to know.

Trial-Mod is the lowest staff rank on the server. They are given a one month (30 days) trial from the date he/she was accepted. During the trial, Trial-Mods will prove to the Management Team he/she can handle the responsibilities of Trial-Mod.

As a Trial-Mod, your job:
- Interact and connect with other players/staff.
- Resolve/Answer other players questions or problems.
- Moderate and enforce our server rules.

You are:
- At least 14 years of age.
- Able to speak English.
- Discord Member (Registered with Discord).
- An active player in our community.
- Registered on our server forums.
- Someone who has staff experience.

Bonus point:
- Able to speak fluently in other languages than English.

More Explanation On Requirements:
1.) At least 14 years of age:
We set our age requirement to fourteen because we don’t want a bunch of young and immature kids. We also want applicants to be responsible, try their best, be fair to others, and try to show maturity. We can be silly at times but we do mean business for most times. If you are under 14, you can still apply IF you show your maturity and met with other requirements. The lowest age we'll accept is 13 years due to legal law not allowing those under 13 to use our web-based services.

2.) Able to speak English:
We mainly want English communication with our team as our main language is English. Like stated in our bonus point, you can wow us if you speak in a fluent language other than English but English is still a required language.

3.) Discord Member (Registered with Discord):
We use Discord for our communication on the server. Discord has text and voice messaging all in one program and is where we post our updates besides our forums. Outside of game communication is essential for being staff on here. If you do not have Discord, be sure to register before applying.

4.) An active player in our community:
We want our members to fully know what server your staffing for and for that, we want members to wait at least 2 weeks prior from their server join date to become a staff member here. Forum activity can also make a play into this requirement. If you are going to be gone for a while, shoot our Management Team a DM on Discord or PM on our forums and we will get back to you about your absence.

5.) Registered on our server forums:
Registered on our server website. Simple as that! You need to register to see the application anyways!

6.) Someone who has staff experience:
We want our applicants to also have the experience to moderate or to staff on a server. By knowing what you’re doing and experienced doing it, it can be beneficial to becoming a staff member on a Minecraft community.

Application Process:

So, you've met the requirements and now you're ready to apply! Here is the process of how these applications are handled.


First, you apply, of course. This is probably one of the most important parts of the entire process of being a Trial-Mod. Treat this application as a final exam. You want to fill this out with honestly and with detail. Feel free to brag the accomplishments you've made! Even if it's minor. We want to get to know YOU! This is your chance. Don't blow it.


Background Check:

After the application, our managers check your player records such as warns, bans, and mutes. They also check for activity on the server as well. If you have some serious bans and mutes, don't even think about applying at all.



After the background checks, it's the interview. During this time, we ask any other questions we need from you and start to get the type of person you are. Another important part of the process, so be ready for the interview.



Now it's the choice. Will you make it to the role of Trial-Mod? If you do, you'll receive a message from a Staff Manager saying you have. If you haven't, well the opposite will happen, and you'll need to wait till next recruitment period to apply again.


Hoped this post helped to those who are interested in applying!

4 months ago

Welcome to our server website! Feel free to explore around! To see more, be sure to register with us! Enjoy your stay!